cheap shoes for sales...

1. The price are not includes the postage fees.
2. The others postage fees cost RM 6.50 are charge to the price were shown.
3. Free postage fees for the student or staff of UNIMAP and also USM.
4. The shoes will sent after receive the payment.
5. Payment through bank in to the account Maybank.
======> Koh Soon Yong 102175057607
6. Please write down the:
=> H.P. no.
=>Item cod no.
7. Anything can contact me by call in and sms
===> 010-3720136
8. If u are staff or student of UNIMAP, you can make order directly with me...

Friday, February 11, 2011


Rm 15 each pair.only available in black color.available in mostly sizes.


Rm 13 each pair.Available in blue and  red color.Available in mostly sizes.


Rm 15 each pair.Available only in black and red color. Available in mostly sizes.


Rm15 each pair.available in mostly sizes.Only available in white and black color.